Our Wedding Rings 

We combine contemporary craftsmanship with traditional and timeless design in our core range of wedding rings.

Discover the ideal ring for you, design your own with our free bespoke services, or get in contact to have your ring set made to compliment your engagement ring.

Whether you want to modify one of our standard designs or create a completely original wedding band, our professionals are available to offer guidance and bring your ideas to life.

Learn more about making a ring that is unique to you.



We invite you to meet with our design specialists in-store for a free consultation. From there, we can understand your requirements for your perfect wedding ring.


We will discuss all design options with you, and provide you with all the information and expertise needed to aid you in selecting your final designs.


Once you have proceeded with your chosen design to make your desired ring a reality, we will give instructions to our goldsmiths to begin creating your ring.


Our dedicated team will contact you once your wedding ring has been brought to life by our goldsmith and is ready to be collected for your big day.


Our Collection

We have an online collection available of some of our diamond set wedding rings.

We invite you to visit our in-store experts, who will be happy to introduce you to our other ranges available, including our extensive plain band selection, shaped bands and even more diamond set wedding rings.




Diamond Set Shaped & Plain

If you are thinking of making your wedding and engagement rings a complimentary set, you might want to think about co-ordinating small aspects like the band's width and the type of setting, such as, claw, pavé, channel, or grain set.

The addition of a plain band as an alternative to a diamond set band can also make the ring set look in harmony and add sparkle.

Our instore experts are on hand to guide you through the variety of wedding ring options we have available, from plain profile bands varying in width and shape to diamond set bands.

We invite you to meet with our team in-store to explore our wide range of beautiful wedding rings.




When To Begin Your Search

It is advised that you purchase your wedding rings about three months before the ceremony.

Our wedding rings normally take 4-8 weeks to make. Making your initial consultation far in advance of your wedding will give you plenty of time to make decisions and ensure that you can pick up or receive your rings well in time.

If you are in a rush for your wedding rings, our team are on hand to advise you on the best possible options.

The Perfect Fit

We provide a service to match the wedding ring's profile to the engagement ring's. This will ensure that the two rings will effortlessly and snugly fit together.

Most of our engagement ring designs are "wedfit," which means a straight, standard wedding ring can fit together flawlessly with the engagement ring.

However, some engagement ring designs may require a curved wedding band to achieve a flush set.

Whether you bought your engagement ring from us or somewhere else, we'll work with it to produce a set that fits flawlessly together.

Contact us to create your perfect wedding ring set.

Precious Metals

Our wedding rings are able to be made in the best precious metals that will last you a lifetime.


The colour of platinum is vivid and gleaming. The colourless metal enhances the reflection of white light to generate a bright, frosty brilliance, whether it is mirror polished for maximum reflectivity or a satin finish for a textured touch. Because of its resistance to nicks and scratches, platinum is one of the most resilient metals known to man.


Very much like platinum, palladium has a beautiful white finish. Palladium is less dense than its platinum counterpart. However palladium still retains the same hypoallergenic properties and resilience as platinum.


Available in 9ct and 18ct.

In their purest form, white gold and platinum are virtually indistinguishable due to comparable tones. A rhodium coating is applied to white gold to bring it up to it's sparkling white finish. Rhodium coating deteriorates with time and needs to be replaced periodically - A service we also provide in-store. Available in 9ct and 18ct.


Available in 9ct and 18ct.

The golden colour of yellow gold gives wedding bands a distinctive edge and complements the majority of skin tones.


Available in 9ct and 18ct.

The warm pinkish tint of rose gold is unlike any other metal colour and is aesthetically pleasing for all skin tones.




We provide a variety of ways for you to add sentimental engraving to your wedding rings.

A meaningful statement might be engraved on your ring and it is the ultimate way to personalise your wedding rings.

There’s something incredibly special and personal about the inscription of an important date, two initials beside each other, or a phrase that only the couples will understand.

Patterns & Cuts

We offer a wide variety of patterns that can be applied to our plain bands. From sparkling patterns, to machine cut lines to complete matt finishes, there's a pattern to suit everyone.

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