Perma Jewel

Join us on this extraordinary journey and discover the artistry of welded permanent jewellery with Perma Jewel at Preston & Duckworth.

Inspired by the iconic friendship bracelet, permanent jewellery is chain that is soldered directly to the wearer either around the wrist or neck. Forge a lifelong memory with a partner, family member or best friend with our selection of permanent welded jewellery.

Request an appointment at our Perma Jewel studio at Preston & Duckworth to get a seamless welded bracelet or necklace.



Choose a style of chain from our range.


Our in-store expert will measure your wrist or neck to obtain the perfect fit.


An expert team member will join the chain, using a precision welding machine.


You're all set to enjoy your new Perma Jewel piece.

Request An Appointment

Please use our Booking Request Form below to request an appointment at our Bury St Edmunds welding studio.

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Selecting Your Chain


We have a variety of classic & contemporary chain styles to choose from in; Sterling Silver, Rolled Gold and 9ct Yellow gold. Our in-store experts will be on hand to guide you through our chain style offering.

Measuring & Welding

Our in-store expert will measure your wrist or neck to obtain the perfect fit. Once the perfect fit is obtained, the bracelet will be joined using our high-tech welding machine.

Perma Jewel FAQ

Do you accept Drop-Ins/Walk Ins? 

We recommend requesting a booking for a Perma Jewel appointment to avoid disappointment.

Can Welded Bracelets Be Removed?

While we love the fact these are "seamless bracelets", if you do need to take it off they can they can be permanently removed with a pair of sharp scissors.

Does The Welding Process Hurt, and Is It Safe?

Not at all. The chain is measured to the perfect fit then laser-welded, with a quick flash of light. The entire process is completely safe and painless, and is carried out by an experienced team member.

What Is Rolled Gold Jewellery?

Rolled Gold is created by mechanically bonding a layer of gold to a layer of base metal. Rolled Gold has a distinct layer of gold and the core is usually brass. The gold is then bonded to the surface of the brass using heat and pressure. This is a permanent bond so the gold won’t flake, peel or fall off.

Can I Return My Perma Jewel Item?

As this is a personalised, made to measure piece, we do not offer refunds on this product. If you have any queries or concerns please feel free to Contact Us.

Perma Jewel